What happens when the places we know change?

Landscaping Change is a series of events which explores the meaning of place and the impact felt when those places change around us

Earth Event - Free.

7pm 15th October 2015.
Dark Studio, Arnolfini, Bristol.

Water Event - Free.

7pm 19th November 2015.
Light Studio, Arnolfini, Bristol.

Route Event - Free.

7pm 10th December 2015.
Light Studio, Arnolfini, Bristol.

Streets Event - Free.

7pm 21st January 2016.
Dark Studio, Arnolfini, Bristol.

About Landscaping Change

W hat happens when the places we know change? Whether these changes are caused by environmental events, regeneration and conservation initiatives, or development spurred by business, changes to the material fabric of place can subtlety alter or deeply disturb the experience of those whose sense of identity and feelings of belonging may be entangled with that place.

Landscaping Change is a series of events followed by a conference exploring the meaning of place for the diverse people who live, work, and play there.

Connecting writers and artists with humanities scholars and local community groups and charities, Landscaping Change will explore how we value and respond to place. Also how such care and concern can inform thinking on how changes to environments can be made to work for local wildlife and connected ecologies, and for local people.

Landscaping Change is supported by the British Academy through their Rising Stars Engagement Award. It is affiliated with the Writing and the Environment Research Centre at Bath Spa University and organised by Samantha Walton, a Lecturer in English Literature in the College of Liberal Arts.

What is place?

P lace, in simple terms, is a physical area demarcated in some way. How we demarcate that place is cultural, personal and political. Do we define the place by its usage (which is subject to historical change), or its meaning to the people who live there (who may move in or out of the area, or whose views may be excluded from dominant narratives of that place)? Is place to be defined geographically according to the river that waters it, or in a wider context; by bioregion perhaps? How will such ways of thinking of place withstand alterations to the water table caused by damming or deviating a river, or indeed through far-reaching climate change events?

Landscaping Change Conference

Bath Spa University, Newton Park Campus - 29th, 30th 31st March 2016.
Sponsored by the British Academy and hosted by the Writing and the Environment Research Centre, BSU

W e seek papers and presentations that aim to deepen understanding of the social, environmental, cultural, and affective repercussions of landscape change.

We want to hear from a range of perspectives including the humanities, geography and environmental disciplines, politics and social science, non-academic community groups, policy makers, NGOs, charities, and creative practitioners.

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